Want to Propose on Valentine’s Day? Here Are Our Best Tips: Part One

Want to Get Engaged This VAlentine's Day

Hoping to pop the question on Valentine’s Day? We’ve got some surefire tips to make it special!

Have you found your dream girl, and are now hoping to ask the biggest question of your life, over the Valentine’s Day holiday? If so, there is quite a bit of planning that will need to be completed in the very near future. After all, Valentine’s is just around the corner, now. Luckily, we’re here to help make sure you pull off a dream proposal in record time. That way the rest of your life can start sooner, rather than later.

Get Her Dream Ring Now with Help from Friends

The only true essential for a fantastic proposal is a ring, obviously. To make sure you get one she is going to absolutely love, don’t be afraid to enlist some help.

Unless she’s invited you to share in a not-so-secret Pinterest board filled with engagement ideas, or the two of you have gone ring scouting together, you may have to get a bit creative in finding out what is the right ring for her.

  • Consider what jewelry she wears most frequently. This is good indication of her style. For instance, if she only wears gold, don’t opt for a silver or titanium engagement ring. Does she like oversized rings or understated, simple designs? Is she into modern pieces or vintage-inspired ones? Use these as great cues as to what ring she would like most.
  • Talk to her best friend, her sister, or her mom (whoever she confides in most) to get tips on what style she likes. Be sure to ask about both the band material and the diamond shape, as well as if she prefers a single, solitaire diamond or a band with several small stones, as well.