What Bouquet Style Is Right for You? Part One

Planning the Right Bridal Bouquet

Trying to plan the perfect bridal bouquet? We can help!

It can be incredibly creative fulfilling choosing bridal flowers. In fact, when it comes to fun, many brides find floral design second only to dress shopping, or maybe cake tasting, as they begin their wedding planning process. That said, many brides wonder how big – or bold – their bridal bouquets should be. Do you go for full and round, or tall and slender? Should you choose one flower, or several, and in complimentary or competing shades? Luckily there are some simple ways to help narrow your flower selections to a bouquet that will be just-right for you!

Consider Your Dress

A tip from the floral pros: both your size and the style and shape of your gown should be considered, when planning your perfect bouquet. For instance, if you are a petite bride, anything too large can be overpowering and actually take away from your own bridal beauty. On the other hand, if you are a plus-sized bride, opting for a bouquet that is too small can feel disproportional and distracting.

The same principle goes for your gown choice. A full, ball gown often calls for a medium to large bouquet, while a form-fitted dress often looks best with a slimmer bouquet.

Also, if you’re going with a bohemian-inspired dress, a slightly undone or organic-style bouquet will look more fitting than an overly fussy one. On the flipside, if you’ve opted for a classic, clean dress, choose a bouquet that is similar in style.

One last thing to keep in mind, when considering your dress, and how it will relate to your bouquet, is that you don’t want to hide your gown’s best features – or yours – with the bouquet. So, if your gown is heavily adorned at the waist, avoid lots of bling on your bouquet, itself.