What Bouquet Style Is Right for You? Part Two

Perfect Bridal Bouquet Tips

Jordan chose a perfect bouquet for her Austin wedding here at Texas Old Town! Photo by: Tony Elena Smith Photo

Now that you’ve found your dream wedding dress, you can start making more concerete plans about the perfect wedding bouquet to go with it. If you’re still feeling a bit confused about how to determine just what shape and style of bouquet is going to be right for you, we can help. Besides your dress, there are just a few other considerations that can be a huge help in finding the right bouquet to complete your bridal look.

What’s Your Wedding Season?

Choosing seasonal blooms is one of the best ways to save money, when choosing flowers. It can also help you create a one-of-a-kind bouquet, and table arrangements, as well.

We love seeing sunflowers at fall weddings, and peonies for spring. But the season you will wed can also inspire what kind of bouquet you carry, not just the blooms in it.

For instance, fall often calls for bold and mismatched blooms, like those seen in Mother Nature’s fields of wildflowers. Tall is often better when it comes to flowers like sunflowers.

Spring is a great time to let pastels play nicely with one another. Consider a garden-inspired bouquet, that looks freshly picked. Many spring blooms are full and round, so consider a more spherical bouquet if you’ll be wedding in early spring.

Location. Location. Location!

A lavish ballgown atmosphere calls for equally fancy florals. On the other hand, if you’ll be hosting an outoor wedding, like our brides here at Texas Old Town, you may want to opt for something a bit more natural looking, whether you choose a slim sprig of wildflowers joined loosely with ribbon, or a cascading mix of succulents and spring flowers, that look garden-inspired.

The most important note is that you don’t want to try to compete with Mother Nature, if you’re wedding outside. That said, you should try to compliment whatever will be blooming naturally.

And for indoor spaces, consider colors that will pop against both your dress and the backdrop you’ve chosen, whether it’s the church you grew up in or an urban loft.