What Should I, and Shouldn’t I, Wear to My Friend’s Wedding?

What to Wear to Your Friend's Wedding?Is one of your friends getting married soon? If so, your excitement might soon be met with confusion about what to wear. While many of the rules once assigned to weddings and receptions have gone with the wind, so to speak, there are still a few hard and fast rules all wedding guests should adhere to. Fortunately, once you know these new rules, planning what to wear can be a lot easier and maybe even fun!

Do Consider Pants

Nothing says you have to wear a dress or skirt to your friend’s wedding. In fact, many modern guests are opting for stylish jumpsuits instead. Just make sure it’s a nicely tailored piece that fits well and is made of a fine material, so you still look dressed up, just minus the dress!

Don’t Show Too Much Skin

Even if your friend is getting married on the hottest day of the summer, you still need to be mindful of how much skin you’re showing. A wedding is not the time to break out your skimpiest cocktail dress, no matter how fabulous you look in it.

Instead, choose something tasteful and classy, over a piece that shows just a bit too much skin. And when dressing, in general, it is helpful to keep in mind the time-honored advice that you should always choose one feature to highlight. Think bare shoulders or bar legs, rather than both!

Do Wear Seasonal Shades, or Black!

The good news is that the old rule that you shouldn’t wear black to a wedding has long been forgotten. So feel free to wear your favorite LBD, so long as it suits the dress code. (That is, unless the bride or groom specifically asked you to shy away from black. If so, it’s best to honor their wishes.)

But another way to look stylish and on-trend is to choose a shade that is both flattering to your skintone and seasonally-inspired. Tip: a nice pastel or bright color (or floral print!) for spring or summer, or a gorgeous jewel tone for fall. Just try to avoid wearing anything too similar to the bridesmaids’ dresses, that is if you’re privy to knowing what they’ll wear!

Don’t Ever Wear Any Shades Close to White

One wedding rule that has not changed is that you, as a guest, should not wear white! And that rule doesn’t just apply to stark white, either. Forget cream, eggshell, and ivory, too, since many brides are opting for non-traditional dresses in a host of light shades.

Unless the bride specifically asks you to wear a light, white-like shade, just say “no.” Period.