Are You Up for a Honeymoon Adventure? Part One

Honeymoon adventure Ideas

While wedding planning, don’t forget to plan your dream honeymoon, too!

When it comes to planning their dream wedding days, many brides find themselves working more closely with their family, best friends, or even their wedding vendors than they do with their fiancés. However, when it is time to plan the honeymoon, most grooms-to-be are more than happy to get involved! They may event want to take the lead. The most important thing to remember is that your honeymoon should be a time you enjoy, together, making memories that will last a lifetime. And if you want to have a particularly memorable adventure, consider these fun honeymoon excursions.

Find Common Interests

Many couples want to spend most – or even every – second of their honeymoon together. This means finding and planning honeymoon activities that they will both enjoy. So, as you start planning, look to your existing common interests as inspiration.

Do you both love water skiing? The beach is an obvious choice! Like hiking? A Colorado adventure could be ideal. Huge Pixar fans? You’re never too old to visit Disney World.

Perhaps equally important, though, is avoiding activities that one of you really dislikes. So, if your husband isn’t a fan of massages, booking that hour-long couples massage might be a bad idea. Instead find something you both find relaxing, and save the massage for when you get back home. (Of course, you shouldn’t be scared to plan a few hours apart, either, each doing things you love. After all, absence really can make the heart grow fonder. Couples comprised of introverts, for instance, may find that they need to schedule a bit of time apart, even on their honeymoon. It’s also a great chance to pamper yourselves after long periods of wedding planning.)