Celebrate Your Love of Coffee On Your Wedding Day!

Celebrate Your Love of Coffee On Your Wedding Day!Did you and your fiancé meet while brewing up espressos together, or because of a shared passion for quality beans? If so, coffee isn’t just a part of your life, it’s a huge part of your story. So why not make it a central theme of your whole wedding day? And whether it’s a whole host of breakfast-centered items that have captured your heart, or solely the caffeinated java that pumps through your veins, there are plenty of ways to help guests celebrate both the love you’ve found in your soon to be spouse, and the one you brew up every single day. Looking for a latte ways to celebrate your first love? We’ve got you covered, with some great coffee-themed wedding plans!

The Many Perks of a Coffee-themed Wedding Day

The most obvious way to incorporate your love of coffee into your celebration is through the menu. And there are actually a lot of ways to do so.

  • We love brunch-themed wedding buffets, for instance, complete with an omelette or crepe station, French toast or pancakes, plus all your other breakfast favorites.
  • You could also take a more casual approach (particularly for afternoon weddings) that might include bagels and lots of schmears, a variety of muffins, or even single servings of cereal!
  • Complete your spread with a custom espresso bar, or a DIY coffee station complete with plenty of flavored creamers or syrups.
  • Of course, coffee can be used in savory and dessert dishes, as well. For instance, consider a coffee-rubbed brisket option for a formal dinner, or an espresso-based filling for your chocolate wedding cake!
  • There are a variety of espresso-infused cocktail items, as well.

Table Designs That Espresso Yourself

When it comes to decorating, using what you’ve got is a great way to save money, and to prevent waste. So why not put your stellar coffee mug collection to good use, by housing small bouquets in each cup. (This can be an especially fun idea if you have cups collected from all the places you have lived or traveled together.)

Of course, you can also score coffee pots, French presses, porcelain creamers and similar vessels at thrift stores, and put them to use as makeshift vases. The same goes for old metal coffee tins, which can bring a pop of color and nostalgia to your tables!

Large jars filled with coffee beans and candles are another fun, thematic addition. Plus, they can bring that delightful coffee smell to each of your tablescapes, and the whole wedding venue.

Complete the scene with wedding favors like handstamped bags of coffee beans, coffee-scented candles, reusable coffee sleeves, or customized travel mugs!