Finding the Shoes That Fit Your Wedding Day


Wedding Shoes You'll Love

Want to be seriously comfy on your wedding day? Consider these fun alternates to heels, like sneakers!

Not every bride-to-be can see herself wearing designer heels as she walks down the aisle. For some, heels are simply too uncomfortable to take such important steps. Others may shy away from standing taller than their grooms. Of course, for many, fancy dress shoes just don’t suit their personal sense of style, and who wants to feel like anything but her best self, on her wedding day? Whatever your motivation, there are luckily some great alternatives to traditional dress shoes. Which is the perfect fit your wedding day?

Say “I Do” to Stylish Sneakers!

You might be shocked just how many stylish dress sneakers are available, these days, many from familiar, even beloved, brands. Converse, for instance, offer shoes in nearly every shade of the rainbow, but they also have specialty fabrics perfect for weddings, like leather or sequins. Keds also offers lots of cute patterns, but it has also collaborated with designer Kate Spade! Even Steve Madden has offered a line of sneakers through David’s Bridal!

Don’t be afraid to go with a classic and comfortable shape, especially if your dress is going to cover your shoes, anyways. You could also swap out heels after the ceremony, for shoes you can really dance in!

Ballet Flats Don’t Have to Be Boring

Many modern brides prefer both the look and feel of flats, and luckily, there are lots of great styles available. We love the idea of making one’s shoes her “something blue.” But we’re also fans of the new take on truly ballerina-inspired flats, complete with lace-up ribbons.

If you do find the perfect flats, consider getting your bridesmaids matching pairs as their wedding gift.

Wedges Are Comfy and Cool

Toms is just one of the lines crafting super comfortable wedges, that create height without the discomfort often associated with traditional heels. (They also offer a wide range of flats through David’s Bridal.)

For outdoor wedding venues, wedges can be an especially smart choice, since they’re less likely to sink into the mud. Just look for a pair that compliments your overall bridal style, whether casual or formal. And be sure to try on your dress with the shoes you’ve chosen, so you can be sure the alterations are done accordingly.

Boots Made for Walking the Aisle!

Finally, boots aren’t just for cowgirl brides! There are a number of options inspired by every style, from Ugg to Timberland, which are perfect for fall and winter weddings. We love when couples opt for coordinated shoes, too!