Simple Ways to Save Some Money on Your Dream Wedding: Part One

Saving Money While Wedding Planning

Want to start your “Happily Ever After” with some extra pennies in your wallet? Smart planning can help. Photo by Tony Elena Smith Photo

Many newly-engaged couples find themselves suffering from overwhelming sticker shock, once they begin the process of planning their dream weddings. From catering and invitation suites to bouquets and getaway cars, there are a great many purchases to be made, when planning a wedding. And that can add up to a lot of pretty pennies being spent. Fortunately, with some great planning – and some savvy shopping tips – you don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy your dream wedding. Instead, you just need to make smart and timely choices!

Shop Off-Season

Many people consider spring and summer the wedding season, but October is another popular month for weddings. That said, Saturdays are almost universally considered the day to wed.

Fortunately, with that in mind, you can potentially save a lot of money by simply opting to wed in the so-called off-season.

  • While not all wedding vendors will offer discounts for weekday weddings, or those during traditionally slow months, it doesn’t’ hurt to politely ask whether your dream wedding venue, photographer, florist, caterer, DJ, and any other key vendors offer any discounts on off-days.
  • Going into planning with several potential dates in mind can help increase your chance of scoring a great discount, as well as landing all your dream vendors.
  • In many cases, planning a short engagement is another great way to score big discounts, since many vendors will offer discounts on dates that are not yet booked, thirty to sixty days out from the event.
  • Look to purchase other decorative elements when they’re not “in-season” as well. This includes everything from string lights, which often go on sale after Christmas, to vases and potted succulents, which can usually be found marked down after summer.