The Wedding Dress Details We Are Loving, Now!

The Wedding Dress Details We Are Loving, Now!

Emily stunned in her lacy wedding gown, which is a stylish choice for any celebration!

Is the one thing you are most excited about, now that you are officially a fiancé and wedding planning has begun, (besides marrying the man of your dreams obviously) wedding dress shopping with all your best girls? Dress shopping can be an incredible rite of passage, and for many the moment when she first feels like a bride. That said, it can also be a bit overwhelming, particularly if you head to the bridal shop without any idea of what you are hoping to find. By taking a few minutes to determine what styles you’re loving you can make this incredibly special shopping experience even more of a success. And to help get your bridal brainstorming started, these are the dress details we are absolutely loving for 2017!

Lace Details Always Stun

Lace is one of those features that never really goes out of style. So, whether you go for a sleek and modern style with hints of white lace, or a more country-inspired gown with ivory lace detailing that will look right at home in your rustic wedding venue, there are a number of ways to wear this timeless material.

In fact, ever since Princess Kate’s wedding, even lace sleeves have made a big comeback!

Don’t Be Afraid of Showing Some Skin

Plunging necklines or V-shaped details in the back of the dress can add great punch without showing too much skin. Many top designers, from Oscar de la Renta to J. Mendel, have been showing deep v’s on the runway.

If you’re not comfortable with too much skin showing, look for a style with a built in semi-sheer fabric underlay, made of lace or chiffon.

Forget Bling! Look for Bows or Blooms

This year, instead of adding lots of bling to their gowns, many designers are opting for subtle floral appliques or oversized bows, instead! Both add a lot of interest, but in very different ways.

Many of the floral gowns are designed in the same tone as the main fabric, so they create a subtle 3D effect that can be downright stunning. The bows, on the other hand, tend to be supersized, creating dramatic affect.

Look for one that really shows off your favorite feature, with adornments that draw the eye right where you want them.