Wedding Choices That You’ll Never Regret

Wedding Choices That You’ll Never Regret

Timeless wedding choices can help make your day picture perfect!

Bridal gowns, bouquets and other wedding choices cycle through trends, just like so many things do. So much so that over time, what were once considered super stylish choices, may seem downright silly. Fortunately, it is possible to make timeless choices when planning your wedding, ones you’ll never live to regret the way you might now feel about those permed bangs you rocked in high school or the neon wind pants you thought you couldn’t live without. Today we’re sharing a few simple tips for keeping your wedding planning on track, and your choices, timeless!

Stick to Colors You Have Always Loved

One great way to ensure your wedding choices prove timeless, is to stick with a color palette that is based on shades you have always loved. Rather than looking to trends in magazines to inspire your décor, look to your own tastes, instead. This is always a safer choice.

For instance, if red has been your favorite color since you were a young girl, using it as a base point for all your décor is a smart idea, especially since it can be paired with a wide palette to suit any season, or wedding venue.

Choose a Dress Style That Suits You, First and Foremost

When it comes to wedding dress shopping, your first (and possibly only) priority should be finding a style that suits you, and makes you feel great. Don’t worry about whether your dress is trendy. Trends come and go.

Instead focus on finding a dress (or separates, or even pants!) that make you feel beautiful!

Pick Music and Menu Items That Mean Something to You

When it comes to picking music and even menu items, you should also let your personal tastes guide your decisions, more than what is popular on Pinterest or popping up in all the bridal magazines. Choosing songs you love, and dishes too, ensures that you will always have fond memories of your wedding day.