What Wedding Colors Are Right for You?

Wedding Color Picks for 2017

Choosing wedding colors? Pick a vibrant starting point, like Ashley and John. Photo by: Tony Elena Smith Photo

Choosing your wedding colors is one of the simplest and frankly, one of the most fun, ways to help ensure you plan a beautiful and cohesive wedding celebration. From bridesmaids dresses and table linens, to floral arrangements and groomsmen’s ties, there are so many wonderful ways to incorporate your favorite colors into your wedding ceremony and reception. Need a little inspiration, though, when it comes to picking shades? We can help. Here are a few of our favorite trending wedding palettes for spring and summer, 2017.

Pick Shades that Play Well Together

Whether you set out to choose one starring color, and then complimentary shades to suit it, or favor a variety of hues you’ll use equally for décor, here are a few of our top picks for spring and summer weddings in 2017!

Emerald Green – this surprisingly versatile shade is a perfect way to instantly infuse nature into your wedding. Paired with bright white and a bark-inspired brown you can create a timeless elegance that is equally perfect for rustic outdoor receptions or downtown chic ballrooms. It also pairs nicely with shades of peach, which are perennial favorites for spring.

Blush Pink – this softest shade of pink continues to be popular, both for bridal gowns and all kinds of wedding decorations, especially in springtime when it can be procured in a wide variety of blooms, from peonies and garden roses to lilies and ranunculas. Plus, because it is such a grown-up shade of pink you really can use it generously. Think bridesmaids in blush pink tulle skirts, and a cake cascading with fresh blooms. Watercolored blush invitations are both on-trend and timeless, while blush tablecloths make a romantic statement, without feeling too girly.

Coral – this vibrant cousin of peach is a great starting point for spring and summer palettes, particularly for brides that want to pack some color punch into their décor! Whether you choose to accent it with varying hues of peach and orange, or to make it the star of the show surrounded only by greens, blues or neutrals, don’t be afraid of a vibrant pick like coral!

If you love an eclectic vibe, look for vintage vases in coral and other classic stoneware shades. Or, find mismatched frames for table numbers, and spraypaint them all coral to create cohesion and a pop of color.

Lavender – this subtle shade of purple is another gorgeous and timeless choice, one fitting for both bohemian brides inspired by its beauty, as seen in nature, and for the downtown types, who might see it paired with deep greys and silver touches.

We love a guy in a cool grey suit, and lavender makes a perfect boutonniere accent. It’s also a lovely and flattering shade for dresses.

Plus, lavender is an incredibly calming scent, so using fresh lavender in bouquets and table pieces can help to elevate your whole celebration, while bringing serenity to the senses!