Wish You Could Get Married Even Faster? You Can!

Wish You Could Get Married Even Faster? You Can!

Ara and Nick couldn’t wait to see each other on their wedding day! Photo by Tony Elena Smith Photo

After getting engaged, were you shocked to realize how long most couples spend wedding planning? More than that, do you find yourself wishing you could just fast forward through the wedding planning process, and get to your wedding day already? If so, the great news is that long engagements are totally optional. Here at Texas Old Town, we really love helping couples plan their dream weddings, fast. After all, as the classic RomCom When Harry Met Sally put it, “when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”

Lock Down the Basics, Quickly

The first step in successfully planning a wedding, quickly, is to secure all the wedding basics first. This includes deciding when and where you want to wed, along with approximately how many guests you hope to invite, so that you can then secure your wedding venue.

Next up, you should hire your caterer, photographer, and any other vendors that you consider essential to your day. Fortunately, if you’ve already secured your venue at this point, you can ask the coordinator for other wedding vendor recommendations.

In fact, many venues actually have recommended vendor lists, available, as well, which can help make the rest of wedding planning faster and less stressful, especially since you can trust that these vendors have experience working at your wedding venue of choice, and likely together, as well.

Some venues may even offer All-Inclusive Packages, like we do here at Texas Old Town, which can really make wedding planning a cinch, allowing couples to accomplish their dream days, without spending years attending to every detail.

Once your date and location have been chosen, you can send out invitations, and you’re well on your way to getting married! (Short engagements mean skipping save-the-dates, in favor of getting formal invites out as quickly as possible.)

If you are interested in an All-Inclusive Wedding Package, in the Austin, Texas area, contact us at Texas Old Town, by calling 512.396.1800.