A Few of Our Favorite Wedding Trends for 2017

A Few of Our Favorite Wedding Trends for 2017

Metallic bridesmaids dresses are one of the options that are both trendy and timeless!

Wedding designs cycle through trends, just like fashion, décor and beauty. Fortunately, this year there are a number of beautiful wedding trends that we think will stick around for a while, and that might even prove timeless! Want to get inspired by the hottest wedding trends of 2017? Start with these stylish choices for everything from bouquet designs to dresses.

Metallic Bridesmaids Gowns Sparkle

Few decisions will have a bigger impact on the overall look of your wedding than what you and your bridesmaids wear. That may be precisely why so many brides are opting for stylish and timeless bridesmaids gowns, especially those in shiny metallic.

Look for long, sleek beaded numbers for indoor or simply formal ceremonies, while colorful gowns with hints of metallic embellishment are perfect for more casual, outdoor weddings and receptions.

Take a Cue from Pantone’s Colors

While neutrals, like white and grey, will always have their place, 2017 is slated to be a big year for pops of color as well! Perhaps it’s thanks to Pantone naming Greenery as its shade of the year. This is a vibrant shade of green that pairs well with bright corals, red, or pink.

Many brides are bringing color back into the forefront of their planning, though, by adding colorful table cloths and bouquets that make a bold statement!

Go Big with the Greenery

Speaking of greenery, this year many couples are taking a more is more approach to wedding flowers. So consider a slightly-over-sized bridal bouquet, as well as cascading blooms for everything from tabletops to outdoor archways!

Don’t Forget a Memorable Exit!

Finally, if you want to end the night on a high note, make sure to create a memorable exit. This could mean a bubble blowing farewell or one complimented by real flower petals. Just make sure you secure great transportation!

We love seeing vintage cars or trucks in couple’s wedding colors, horse drawn carriages or even motorcycles! Choose something that suits your style!

Looking for a Timeless Wedding Venue?

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