Affordable Yet Elegant Touches for Your Ceremony Space

Affordable Yet Elegant Touches for Your Ceremony Space

Add interest and color to your ceremony space with colorful floral arrangements in quirky containers!

Most brides spend a lot of time thinking about and planning how they’ll decorate their wedding reception. After all, it’s where wedding guests will spend the majority of their time. That said, you can actually create a lot of interest at your wedding ceremony by choosing a few well-placed decorative elements. And since the ceremony space is the first your guests will see, why not make sure it reflects your overall vision for your big day?

Don’t Forget Your Ceremony Space!

Ceremony spaces often go undecorated, and that’s a shame when you can actually create a bold and beautiful look without spending a lot of bucks. There are plenty of affordable ways to transform or at least elevate your ceremony space.

For instance, why not mark the aisles with inexpensive bouquets? Try hydrangeas or a few other large blossoms in canning jars hung with wire or galvanized metal buckets to spruce up your rustic outdoor wedding venue. Or, add simple glamour to an old-fashioned chapel with classic rose or peony bouquets hung with satin bows in your wedding colors. We also love seeing unique takes on floral arrangements, such as a few tall stems placed in colorful bottles or vases.

A rented archway can also have a big impact, and these can be found in a host of styles to suit every bride’s taste, from rustic wooden pieces to bronze beauties covered in cascading flowers. Large bouquets can get pricey, of course, but choosing greenery or even filler flowers can help to create a lot of interest without costing a fortune.

If you’re marrying outside, consider hanging a chandelier from the archway to create romantic mood lighting and dramatic impact. And speaking of lighting, don’t underestimate the power of candles (real or the LED kind), or string lights, to add a hint of whimsy and romance! Best of all, these are both cost effective ways to make a bold statement!

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