Enjoy Your Dream Wedding Day with These Stress-Reducing Tips


Enjoy Your Dream Wedding Day with These Stress-Reducing Tips

Want to feel relaxed and worry-free on your wedding day? Try these stress reducing tips!

Hey, we get it. Wedding planning can be fun. It can also be, well, stressful. While you might not have any doubts about saying “I do,” merging two families can be a bit more complicated. And planning a party for hundreds of your closest friends? Well, that can get kind of crazy. So much so that sometimes the mix of months of planning and anticipation can make it hard for brides to simply sit back and relax when their wedding days finally do come. If you want to enjoy your wedding without letting worry get in the way, here are some of our best tips for de-stressing before (and on) your big day!

Schedule Crazy Fun Well In Advance; Relax the Night Before Your Wedding

Instead of hosting the bachelorette party the night before the wedding, why not have it a few weeks or even a month in advance? This way you can have a great time without worrying about feeling tired, dehydrated, or worse, on your wedding day.

The day before the wedding is a perfect time for a massage, a manicure, or some other stress-reducing activity. Then head to bed early, so you can wake feeling refreshed and relaxed!

Do As Much As Possible Ahead of Time

Whether you have a full-time wedding planner or are more of a DIY bride, when it comes to planning it’s best to do as much as possible well before the wedding day. That way any last-minute projects will be small, simple, and low stress.

You don’t want to be waiting on spraypaint to dry, for instance, during the time you should be heading to your rehearsal dinner!

If you have a hard time getting things done early, help hold yourself accountable by enlisting help. Ask an organized friend to check in on long-term projects you need to finish. Or, better yet, host a wedding-related craft night a few months before the wedding, when friends and family can come help finalize big projects with you.

You should also talk to your wedding venue about how much time you’ll actually have to set up your decorations the day before or on your wedding day. A few extra hours of access, the night before, can often save a host of last-minute stress.

Hand Your Phone Off, On Your Wedding Day

You definitely don’t want to be fielding calls for directions, or last-minute regrets from absentee guests, moments before you head down the aisle. These are recipes for meltdowns.

Ward off potential stressors by handing your phone off to someone you trust to screen calls on your behalf, whether this is your favorite aunt or your wedding coordinator.

Keep Sight of the Big Picture; Don’t Sweat the Smaller Stuff

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, keep your mind on the big picture, namely the fact that you’ve found the love of your life, which is surely the hardest part of all! Now the two of you get to start an exciting new chapter together, surrounded by people you love.

So even if the DJ mispronounces your name, or you break a heel busting a move on the dance floor, don’t worry. Instead try to enjoy every second of this amazing wedding you get to share (and the fact that all the little snafus will make for great stories, later).

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