Gorgeous Wedding Decor On a Budget? You Bet!

Gorgeous Wedding Decor On a Budget? You Bet!

You can create beauty and focal points for guests by choosing affordable but impactful decor!

It might seem hard to believe, but it is totally possible to plan a gorgeous wedding, including lots of luxe-looking details, without spending a fortune to pull it off. You just need to choose items that can make a big impact without breaking the bank. Today we’re sharing some of our favorite ideas for creating beautiful wedding details on a surprisingly small budget!

What Makes a Huge Impact with Little Investment?

When it comes to flowers there are a few ways to save money without sacrificing style, or resorting to silk “blooms.” Even babies breath and baby carnations can look beautiful when mixed in expertly with other more expensive flowers, for instance. Greenery can also stand alone as inexpensive but impactful aisle runners, or to drape on the back of reserved chairs.

Using interesting alternatives to traditional vases can also help to elevate simple flower arrangements and add personality to your space. Grouping several small arrangements together can also add big impact without requiring lots of money. Small potted plants and succulents are also affordable decorative options, and ones that can take on new life in your apartment, or as parting gifts for guests.

Don’t Forget to Set the Mood

Don’t underestimate candle or other romantic lighting, too. This could mean real candles in hurricane glasses filled partly with sand, or coffee beans, or fake (LED-powered) candles in timeless silver or gold candlesticks. The flicker of candlelight instantly adds romance, but it’s not the only way to dim the overhead lights.

String lights are another great addition to indoor and outdoor spaces. Even vintage-style marquee signs can create ambience and interest. Plus, they’ll look great on your fireplace mantle when the wedding is over.

Make a Few Places Extra Special

As with any good design, the point of decorations is to draw guests eyes’ where you want them to look, or for that matter to avert their eyes from places you don’t want them to look. To do this, we recommend creating pockets of interest around your wedding venue.

For instance, one lavish table set up for you and your groom can add a ton of appeal to your entire reception space. Plus, it will make for gorgeous photos of the two of you during toasts! By keeping the guests’ tables simple, you can spend a bit more on your own table and still save money overall. Plus, it creates a wonderful focal point. Many couples take a similar approach with the cake or dessert table, as well, by adding extra sparkle, handprinted signs or other unique details!

Want to Start with a Beautiful Space?

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