How Do I Pick Wedding Colors?

How Do I Pick Wedding Colors?Wedding planning involves making a lot of decisions. Fortunately, one simple way to ensure your day is beautiful and cohesive is by first choosing a color palette to help guide your design choices. This can be based on your favorite colors, shades that are trending in wedding or home design, seasonal flowers or even your alma mater’s colors. The point is, by selecting a few key colors to set your wedding palette, you can rest assured all the details you have selected will come together beautifully!

What Are Your Favorite Shades?

One way to ensure you pick timeless colors you will always love is by looking to your favorite shades for inspiration, rather than the colors that keep popping up in wedding magazines or even all over Pinterest.

Chances are, if you have had the same favorite color since you were a kid, you are not going to grow tired of it anytime soon, and that means that when you look back on your wedding photos decades from now, you will still have a fondness for the colors you selected.

For bonus points with your groom-to-be, consider incorporating his favorite color, as well. That is, if you can do so and still create a stylish color palette. (If he loves burnt orange and you love maroon, for instance, you may need to make some compromises. But chances are you mastered that ability during football season, anyway!)

Here’s Why a Color Palette Matters

From floral choices to table cloths, bridesmaids dresses to photo backdrops, there are many ways to incorporate your color palette into your wedding design. In fact, why not start with your wedding invitations, which will help to set the tone for your whole day? You could also end on a colorful note, by renting a vintage getaway car in your signature wedding color! If you’re going to be DIYing many details, this is also a great way to bring in color. For instance, you could paint mismatched thrifted frames in one or two of your favorite shades, to give them a more cohesive feel. Use them on individual tables, or create a striking display area. You can also paint canning jars or even tin cans in your colors, to be used instead of traditional vases.

From there, you can choose bridesmaids dresses that highlight your chosen palette, and even wear shoes, of your own, in a similar or complimentary shade. The groomsmen’s attire is a great way to play with color, as well. For instance, you could have them wear classic suits in grey, black or navy, but accent those shades with colorful ties or pocket squares in your wedding colors.

Trying to Create a Dream Wedding?

A beautiful wedding venue can serve as a great inspiration for your wedding colors and more, helping to bring your whole vision to life. Call Texas Old Town today for more information about our four unique venue spaces at 512.396.1800!