Is a Short Engagement Right for You?

Is It a Short Engagement Right for You?

You don’t need years to plan your dream wedding. If you want to enjoy a short engagement, here’s how!

Now that you are officially engaged, is the one question most pressing on your mind, “Do I really have to have a long engagement?” It’s not uncommon for modern couples to wait years before finally walking the aisle, after becoming engaged. This can add up to plenty of time to save for a wedding and to plan every last detail, but it can also create a great deal of stress. After all, who likes waiting? If you have a sneaky suspicion that a long engagement simply isn’t for you, here are some important considerations.

How Long Do You Really Need for the Day of Your Dreams?

One way to help determine how long you actually need to plan your dream day is by considering what is most important to you, as a bride.

  • Whether you have the budget to hire a full-time planner or not, simply making a lot of decisions can take a lot of time. You may not be able to bring an elaborate vision to life in only a few months’ time.
  • So, if you consider yourself super detail-oriented, and have long envisioned lavish details at your wedding, keep in mind that these things take time!
  • If you only have a few necessities in mind, though, when it comes to decoration, entertainment, or even your attire, you are far more likely to be able to pull off your wedding dreams in a few short months.
  • Just make sure you begin planning as soon as possible, and use wedding checklists to keep your planning on track. (These are important regardless of how long you have to plan.)
  • There are several vendors that will need to be secured almost immediately, for instance. Wedding venues tend to book years in advance. Photographers do as well, and they often only have one availability per weekend, so consider hiring these key vendors first.
  • You will likely need to be flexible on your wedding date, as well, if you have a few key vendors in mind that are more important to you than the date you wed.
  • If you need to order anything, from your wedding gown to guest favors, this should also be done as soon as possible to avoid expensive rush shipment feeds.
  • If you are hoping to DIY many of the details for your day, or want to ask close friends and family to contribute handmade items, then you will also need ample time to see these projects through.
  • Or, compromise and purchase premade items that just look handmade, if you don’t have the time to tackle the projects yourself.

Ready to Secure Your Dream Wedding Venue?

Wedding venues tend to book far in advance, so if you are planning a short engagement it is important to secure the venue as soon as possible. Call Texas Old Town today for more information at 512.396.1800!