Newly Engaged? Start Wedding Planning Here: Part Two

Newly Engaged? Start Wedding Planning Here: Part Two

Wedding planning? Starting here can help to keep you on track financially, and help to make the process fun!

Wedding planning can be a lot of fun. Of course, it can also be stressful. There are simply a lot of decisions to be made, and that can be overwhelming. Fortunately, knowing where to start, and how to budget, can help keep your planning on track financially, and prevent undue stress. So, whether you are newly engaged or simply a procrastinator who is getting a late start on her wedding planning, see if you have made these necessary decisions, that can get the wedding planning ball rolling.

Choose a Venue, Then a Date

While you might be tempted to begin planning by setting a wedding date, it is actually helpful for many couples to choose where they will wed, first. Why?

  • Venues tend to book far in advance. Being open to several potential dates makes it more likely you can book your dream wedding venue without having to wait several years to do so.
  • The time of year you wed will greatly impact the overall look and feel of your day, but so will your location. Deciding what kind of atmosphere you want can help you choose both what region you want to wed in, and also when is ideal.
  • If you are hoping to book a destination wedding, you may need to set your date around the best seasons to travel, both weather-wise and also for the convenience of you and your guests. (Many teachers plan their weddings to land on spring or summer break, for instance.)

Make a List of Priorities

Another way to keep yourself on track, is by making a list of priorities before making purchases. That way you reserve the most funds for the stuff that really matters to you. While there are lots of worksheets online designed to help you break down your wedding budget by category, these are only general guidelines. Ultimately, you and your fiancé need to decide what is most important to the two of you, and focus funds on those items.

For some this means spending the bulk of the funding on an open bar and rocking live band. Others may be okay with a few wine selections and an iPhone playlist, in order to reserve extra money for a designer wedding gown, or an exotic honeymoon.

Don’t be afraid to shirk traditions, either, when it comes to where you spend your money, as long as you’re making choices that make sense – and feel right – for you!

Still Looking for Your Dream Wedding Venue?

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