Save Money And Still Be the Best Bridesmaid Ever! Part One

Save Money And Still Be the Best Bridesmaid Ever! Part One

It’s true! You really can totally rock as a bridesmaid without breaking the bank!

Studies have recently shown that the cost of being a bridesmaid in America is at an all-time high. For ladies with lots of friends getting married in the near future, the costs can really start to add up and become downright daunting. If you want to be the ideal bridesmaid without going broke doing so, don’t worry. There are a few ways to save some money without sacrificing style, fun, or jeopardizing your friendship with the bride! After all, it will actually be a lot easier to enjoy wedding-related adventures and standing by your friend’s side, when you aren’t overwhelmed by all the money you’ve spent!

Can You Buy a Used Dress or Even Rent One?

You might be surprised how many bridesmaid dresses can be purchased gently used, and also just how much money these could save you. Check out the many sites online that specialize in these kinds of dresses. Just be sure to get a clear description ahead of time, and order with plenty of time left to have any necessary alterations made!

If you’re lucky enough to get to choose your own dress – within the bride’s given perimeters, of course – why not take advantage of great sites that allow you to rent designer gowns for a fraction of the cost of purchasing one. This way you can feel incredibly stylish, while still saving both money and closet space, on a dress you know would only gather dust after the big day. If you haven’t been given a specific dress code, look for a design that suits the chosen wedding venue.