Save Money And Still Be the Best Bridesmaid Ever! Part Two

Save Money And Still Be the Best Bridesmaid Ever! Part Two

Of course you want to be the dream bridesmaid. You just don’t want to go broke, doing so. We can help!

Being a bridesmaid for one of your besties is a great honor and can be a real joy, as well. That said, it is also a job that can become quite expensive. From the dress and travel, to buying a gift for the happy couple, the costs of being a bridesmaid can add up quickly. Fortunately, we’ve got a few tips for helping to save money, that way you can rock it as a bridesmaid without losing sleep about what you’re spending!

Plan Travel In Advance; Share Costs with Friends

One of the biggest expenses associated with being a bridesmaid is the travel, both for the wedding and reception and often a separate girls’ weekend leading up the big day. You can help limit your costs by planning plenty far in advance, so you can scoop up great deals on airfare, rental cars, and hotels.

If possible, you could also try carpooling with another friend that lives nearby, and split the hotel stays, as well. Better yet, look for a rental house where several of you could stay. This can really add up to big savings!

Go In On a Big Gift, or Opt for Something Sentimental

When it comes to wedding gifts, you may want to pick the largest item on your friend’s registry. That said, will it bust your budget? You don’t have to settle for a single picture frame, or a kitchen towel, just because that’s all you can afford. Instead, get together with mutual friends to purchase a larger gift than any of you could afford on your own.

Or, opt for something that may not be on the registry, but that will have huge sentimental value. This is a good chance to let your friend know just how much you care, without having to spend all your cash to do so.