What Do Wedding Guests Really Care About? Part Two

What Do Wedding Guests Really Care About? Part Two

Want to really wow your gusts? Party the night away with them!

Yes, your wedding day should live up to your dreams. But if you want to make sure that the event leaves guests happy, along with you and your groom, there are a few aspects that tend to matter more than the others. Hint, your guests aren’t anxious to go home with candles with your photo printed on it, or hand labeled jars of Jordan almonds. What your guests really want is to have fun with you, and a lot of it!

Good Food, and Good Drinks!

Of course, the real key to having happy wedding guests is to send them home with full bellies and happy hearts. This means ordering plenty of delicious food, and providing ample libations (if you are having alcohol, have plenty!).

No matter how fancy your wedding will be most guests would prefer amazing meals from a food truck than boring or too petite of plates from a 5-star caterer. So don’t be afraid to deviate from the chicken or fish route, and to instead choose dishes you really love, packed with personality and flavor!

Awesome Music and Fun at the Reception

Another thing your guests will always remember, for better or worse, is your wedding reception, namely if it is boring or the party of their life. Whether you are looking to host a low-key, comfortable kind of reception or a rocking dance party, there are ways to ensure your reception is one your guests will never forget.

If you and your groom enjoy more laidback fun, consider a wide array of craft beers mixed with a live band that can play all your favorite covers. If you want guests to dance the night away, consider a DJ who can shift genres to keep guests invigorated. You can also hire a DJ or a separate lighting specialist who will bring mood lighting and other accents that help to set the tone!

Gifts Aren’t As Important As Memories

While it’s easy to get hung up on finding cute or quirky gifts for guests, the truth is monogrammed cozies or personalized frames or candles won’t mean as much as entertainment at the reception itself. So instead of spending a small fortune on custom wedding gifts, why not opt for something that doubles as entertainment and a take-away. We love candy, cookie or popcorn bars, where guests can bag up some of their favorites to take home. Or, they can enjoy a late night snack as they dance. A photobooth also makes a great way to preserve memories, and the resulting photos are great alternatives to traditional gifts! (You can also use prints of your guests’ photos to create a unique guest scrapbook, complete with their well wishes!)

If you do want to send guests home with a gift, most experts agree edible treats are your best option. Think miniature pies baked in jars, small containers of honey, local jam, or even salsa to spice things up!

Want to Really Wow Guests? Choose a Gorgeous Wedding Venue

You can really wow guests by choosing a beautiful wedding venue, like our rustic venue near Austin, Texas, which offers a unique mix of indoor and outdoor spaces. Call Texas Old Town today for more information at 512.396.1800!