Your Ultimate Bridal Beauty Guide: Part Two


 Your Ultimate Bridal Beauty Guide: Part Two

Want to have perfect makeup and hair on your wedding day? Here’s how!

Every bride wants to feel beautiful, even radiant, on her wedding day. Fortunately, there are lots of things that can help. The key is simply to start early, when it comes to changing up one’s beauty routine. From skincare to hair appointments, these are the steps the beauty experts recommend taking, leading up to that ever important walk down the aisle.

When Should You Dye and Cut Your Hair?

You definitely don’t want to walk down the aisle with a hairdo that doesn’t feel like you. This is why experts agree you should test out potential hair color changes, especially major ones, six months prior to the wedding. If you’re working with a new colorist, or you’re trying a drastically different color, you may want to opt for a semi-permanent shade, so you can really see if you like it before fully committing.

When you do land on a color you love, then have it dyed a few months out. Just make plans to get a last-minute touch up about ten days prior to the wedding.

Following hair trends can be tempting, but most hair stylists agree the best way to land on a style you’ll always love, and never regret, is by choosing an elevated version of your everyday style. That way you look your best, not like someone else entirely. (This goes for makeup choices, too!*)

Limiting how much heat and product you’re using on your hair leading up to the wedding, can also help keep it looking healthy. Other tips? Don’t over shampoo your hair; this can cause it to dry out. Three to four times a week is all that stylists recommend, so make friends with dry shampoo and a simple detangler.

Finally, deep conditioning can also be a great idea, especially for damaged locks. Most experts recommend using an intensive conditioner two to four times a month, either at-home or at the salon.

Don’t Forget a Trial Run for Makeup and Hair!

When it comes to your makeup, you definitely don’t want any surprises. That’s why it’s important to schedule a trial-run with your makeup artist well before your wedding day. You could schedule this trial appointment on the day of your bridal portraits, if you’re having those taken. However, that’s not really recommended if it’s an artist you haven’t worked with before. After all, you want to love your bridal portraits, too.

In any case, you need to have a plan in place long before your wedding day, and feel confident that you’ve chosen the right makeup artist for you! *Remember, you want to look like yourself, just a little extra polished!

That said, even brides who favor a minimal or no-makeup look day-to-day, should keep in mind that makeup that photographs well tends to be slightly heavier. From primers to full-coverage foundations, be open to your makeup artist’s suggestions, especially during your initial visit. You might be surprised what actually looks best in photographs. This is precisely why it’s important to take several pictures of your perfected bridal look, as reference when the big day actually rolls around.

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