Month: April 2017

How to Incorporate 2017’s Biggest Color!

You have probably heard the news by now, and maybe even seen it popping up all over Pinterest. But if not, Pantone’s infamous color-of-the-year for 2017 is all about the “Greenery!” This deep, nearly-emerald shade is actually a perfect compliment to many perennial wedding favorites, making it an easy addition to your dream day color… Read more »

Need to Get Organized? A Paper Planner Could Help! Part Two

A paper planner might seem old-fashioned, but it can actually be a great tool for busy brides who need a bit of help keeping their wedding planning on track. To make the most of this tool, you simply need to add a few necessary documents which are good to keep on-hand, and make sure to… Read more »

Need to Get Organized? A Paper Planner Could Help! Part One

If you have spent any time in craft or stationery stores, recently, then you have likely seen that there are now more paper planner options than ever before, many with cute details and colorful accessories to go with them. For brides doing their own wedding planning, these can be more than just cute and fun,… Read more »

Have a Special Occasion to Celebrate This Summer?

Are you planning to celebrate a special occasion over the spring or summer? For instance, is your best friend celebrating a milestone birthday, or your niece going off to college in the fall? Do you need to honor your retiring father, or your parent’s 40th anniversary? If you have reason to celebrate, now is a… Read more »

Planning The Wedding Yourself? Keep These 3 Tips In Mind

Many brides and grooms choose to plan their weddings themselves, either because of financial constraints or simply a DIY spirit. Either way, it is possible to plan a wedding with little outside help. You simply need to know where to start, and make smart decisions about how much you can spend, where you want to… Read more »

Do You Really Want a Long Engagement? Part Two

Are you and your fiancé feeling overwhelmed, trying to decide how long of an engagement you really need, or want? Financial concerns may be important in determining your wedding timeline. Deciding on a general idea of when you want to wed can help also. Whether or not you’ll have help paying for, or planning the wedding,… Read more »

Do You Really Want a Long Engagement? Part One

Did your boyfriend turned fiancé propose to you over the holidays? If so, you may just now be starting the wedding planning process. While some couples go into their planning with a particular date in mind, most feel a bit overwhelmed by trying to decide both when to wed and where. Fortunately, we’re here to… Read more »

Having a Hard Time Making Wedding Choices? This Can Help

Pinterest is filled to the brim with wedding design ideas, many DIY projects you might feel empowered or even compelled to tackle. But what about the parts of the wedding you can’t DIY, like the food, or the music? Are you having a hard time deciding who to hire, or even what to serve and… Read more »

Unique Touches Wedding Guests Really Love

Sure, the wedding magazines, and Pinterest, are filled with gorgeous ideas for your upcoming wedding. Your loved ones may also be full of sage advice, or not-so-subtle hints as to what they think your wedding should look like. Fortunately, we think the best way to plan a memorable and meaningful wedding is to let your… Read more »

Have You Budgeted for These Pre-Wedding Expenses?

When it comes to wedding planning, one of the most helpful tools you’ll have is a carefully outlined wedding budget. That single item can help keep your spending under control, and also helps ensure you attend to every necessary detail. There are lots of helpful outlines online that help to indicate how much you should… Read more »