Do You Really Want a Long Engagement? Part One

Do You Really Want a Long Engagement? Part OneDid your boyfriend turned fiancé propose to you over the holidays? If so, you may just now be starting the wedding planning process. While some couples go into their planning with a particular date in mind, most feel a bit overwhelmed by trying to decide both when to wed and where. Fortunately, we’re here to help. And we think that one of the first steps you should actually be asking yourselves isn’t when or where you want to wed, as much as how long you really want to be engaged.

Are You Hoping for an Elaborate, Large Wedding?

For many couples, the point of a long (generally a year or more) engagement is so that they can attend to every little detail they’ve always dreamed about, from finding a perfect designer wedding gown, to choosing lavish florals and fine stationery. These things take time, and often the outside help of a planner.

Some DIY brides may also be extremely detail-oriented, and therefore need ample time to complete projects and even collect unique touches.

But, if you are planning to keep things simple, a long engagement may not be necessary. In fact, here at Texas Old Town we love helping brides plan their dream weddings quickly.

Do You Need Time to Save Money?

For some couples, having a relatively long engagement gives them time to come up with the money to fund the wedding themselves. Even if family is contributing to the wedding, it’s important to consider whether that is money that’s already been set aside, or if it will need to be spent over a matter of several months instead.

These considerations are why many wedding experts agree that the first step after getting engaged is setting a wedding budget. While having a date and location in mind can be beneficial, in many cases your budget might actually help to dictate those decisions, instead.

Looking for Your Dream Wedding Venue?

If you are looking for a rustic wedding venue in the beautiful Hill Country, Texas Old Town could be perfect. With four separate and unique venue spaces, we offer great options for both country and bohemian brides. Call Texas Old Town today for more information at 512.396.1800!