Do You Really Want a Long Engagement? Part Two

Do You Really Want a Long Engagement? Part TwoAre you and your fiancé feeling overwhelmed, trying to decide how long of an engagement you really need, or want? Financial concerns may be important in determining your wedding timeline. Deciding on a general idea of when you want to wed can help also. Whether or not you’ll have help paying for, or planning the wedding, may also factor in when deciding on a wedding date. But there are a few other important considerations to make, when trying to decide how long you should be engaged. That way you can accomplish all that is necessary during that time, and still get to your wedding day when you’re good, and ready!

Are Their Requirements During Your Engagement?

Yes, you will need time to get a wedding license, and time to send out invitations. But are there any other requirements that will need to be tackled during your engagement? For instance, some officiants may require you to complete a designated number of premarital counseling sessions. Some may even require that you become a member of their church before they can perform your wedding, and this can take time.

In some families, pre-wedding events may be equally important, as well, such as an engagement party or a bridal shower. If any of these events, or requirements, are part of your plan, a longer engagement may be best or even necessary.

Are There Any Other Mitigating Factors?

Of course, for many couples deciding when to wed is also based around ongoing commitments, such as leases on apartments, job contracts or school semesters. In some cases, marrying sooner rather than later would be impractical or nearly impossible.

Trying to Find Your Wedding Venue?

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