Have a Special Occasion to Celebrate This Summer?

Have a Special Occasion to Celebrate This Summer?Are you planning to celebrate a special occasion over the spring or summer? For instance, is your best friend celebrating a milestone birthday, or your niece going off to college in the fall? Do you need to honor your retiring father, or your parent’s 40th anniversary? If you have reason to celebrate, now is a great time to begin planning a special party that really honors your loved one in style, while also limiting your stress, as designated party planner!

Make the Event Special By Choosing a Unique Venue

While you might be tempted to host the party at-home for the sake of convenience, many hostesses find this turns out to be more trouble than it’s worth. Where will guests park? Do you have enough seating or will you need to rent tables? Will you have time to clean and decorate your space before the party? Will hosting at-home cause stress on your family, or leave them with no place to hang out? In other words, do you really want your husband confined to the garage during the bridal shower you’re hosting, or your kids unable to play in the living room for days before the formal retirement party you’re planning?

These are important considerations, and some of the many reasons to consider hosting your event at a designated special event venue. In addition to ample parking, and likely provided tables and chairs, you can also benefit from having a separate space that will already be clean and ready to decorate the day of your party.

Create a Unique Event for Your Loved Ones

Whether you are hosting an engagement, anniversary, graduation or retirement party, or even a rehearsal dinner, a simple yet meaningful way to help celebrate the guest(s) of honor and also decorate your designated special event space, is by displaying photographs. A few simple and stylish ways to do this are by using a large frame or mirror strung with ribbon or twine, and mini clothespins to hold a random collection of photographs in place. You could also put a variety of mismatched frames on displays, either on each guest table, or one central cake table. Even old boxes, ladders or tree stumps can make for artful arrangements of photographs and other details, such as personal belongings that signify a career, hobby or other points of interest.

Need to Book A Special Event Venue?

Texas Old Town is a great venue for a variety of occasions, from engagement parties and rehearsal dinners, to retirement, anniversary, birthday and graduation parties. Call Texas Old Town today for more information about our Austin, Texas area event venue at 512.396.1800!