Having a Hard Time Making Wedding Choices? This Can Help

Having a Hard Time Making Wedding Choices? This Can Help

Delicious casual foods beat out fussy, formal foods most of the time. So don’t be afraid to serve up your favorite fare instead of sticking to traditional wedding garb!

Pinterest is filled to the brim with wedding design ideas, many DIY projects you might feel empowered or even compelled to tackle. But what about the parts of the wedding you can’t DIY, like the food, or the music? Are you having a hard time deciding who to hire, or even what to serve and play? If so, don’t stress. Instead, look to your favorites to guide your decision making. That simple trick can help make wedding planning both fun and productive!

Band or DJ, Just Choose Great Songs!

Whether you opt to hire a band, a DJ, or use a playlist you and your groom created yourselves, the key to a fun reception is to create a great mix of upbeat songs perfect for group dances, and romantic tunes perfect for slow dancing with one’s love. The variety helps give guests with all kinds of musical taste chances to hit the dance floor, but also allows for conversation, as well.

  • If you and your fiancé love country music, consider hiring a band that specializes in country tunes, and can adeptly play all your favorites.
  • Love an eclectic mix of music on your iPod, or record player, at-home? A DJ might be the best choice for your wedding reception.
  • Even if you do opt to create your own playlist, make sure you have someone ready to emcee your event, in other words introduce you, and announce the cake cutting, etc. That way you can keep the evening flowing. You’ll also need to make sure you have the necessary audio equipment to keep the music going.

Go for Flavor Over Fancy Food (And Cake!)

Sure, a gorgeously decorated cake is going to turn eyes, so to speak. But if it’s made mostly of hardly edible fondant, eating it is not going to be so enjoyable. So, when it comes to choosing your wedding cake, and your food for that matter, fuss over flavor more than fanciful designs.

  • This is why many couples are opting for catering from their favorite low-key restaurants or even food trucks, instead of formal plated meals that might look better than they taste.
  • Looking to your favorite meals as inspiration is a great way to take the guesswork out of choosing your caterer, or planning your menu.
  • When it comes to deciding between a plated meal or a buffet-style dinner, look at your budget. In many cases, serving buffet-style can help save couples money without sacrificing taste!

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