How to Incorporate 2017’s Biggest Color!

How to Incorporate 2017’s Biggest Color!

Green makes a great primary or accent color for weddings in all seasons!

You have probably heard the news by now, and maybe even seen it popping up all over Pinterest. But if not, Pantone’s infamous color-of-the-year for 2017 is all about the “Greenery!” This deep, nearly-emerald shade is actually a perfect compliment to many perennial wedding favorites, making it an easy addition to your dream day color palette. If you are ready to choose shades to guide your wedding planning, why not consider adding Greenery to the mix.

What Are the Best Compliments to Greenery?

While green may not seem like a neutral shade, giving its prominence in nature it actually can be surprisingly versatile. After all, most of your floral arrangements will be filled with green, even if it’s not one of your go-to color choices. Why not embrace it instead, and let it play a more starring role in your wedding colors.

We are loving:

  • Green bridesmaids dresses are a surprisingly flattering shade for many skintones, and they look equally at-home at outdoor spring weddings or winter ballroom celebrations. Just look for fabrics that suit the style and expected weather.
  • Coordinate with green groomsmen’s ties, or even green suits or mismatched green plaid shirts!
  • You could also use deep green tablecloths or table runners to bring drama to your reception tables.
  • Pink, peach and coral are tones that are great paired with greenery. They are especially beautiful choices for spring and summer brides. Daffodil yellow is another favorite warm weather shade, though deep yellows, like sunflowers, also work well. Deeper reds and maroons also look great with green, and choosing off-shades of red can help keep your day from looking too Christmas-y.
  • Nothing says you have to choose bold shades to pair with Greenery. If you really want it to stand out, pair it with true neutrals like black and white, or navy. Then add interest with fun metallic touches, like copper, gold, or silver!
  • Green is a great choice for invitations and other paper products, too. Opt for watercolor designs for a whimsical touch, or graphic touches.
  • Green can play a huge role in your menu, as well. Salads might seem obvious, but fresh herbs and sauces like pesto or chimchurri can also bring green onto your plate in a beautiful and delicious way.

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