How to Plan a Well-stocked Wedding Bar: Part One

How to Plan a Well-stocked Wedding Bar: Part One

Want to really wow your wedding guests? Signature cocktails are just one of the ways to do so with your libations!

Even if you already know that you want an open bar at your wedding reception, that doesn’t mean you know what that bar should entail. After all, when was the last time you had to stock a bar for 100 (or more) of your closest friends and family? The good news is that wedding and cocktail experts have helped to devise formulas that can take the guesswork out of planning the ultimate open bar! That way you can simply show up and enjoy the reception, without stressing about all the prep.

What You Need to Know

Before you plan your bar, it’s important to take into considerations any limitations or requirements set forth by your wedding venue. Some venues, for instance, do not allow any alcohol on premises, while others may only restrict or limit liquor.

Many venues will require a police offer be present, if alcohol will be served, and they may also have stipulations about who serves the alcohol, so be sure you find out what the venue allows before hiring any bartenders or servers.

Should You Have Signature Cocktails?

Signature cocktails created for you, by your caterer or bartenders, can be a fun addition the wedding, as well as a great way to highlight some of your favorite local flavors. That said, not every bride and groom need to have signature cocktails created for the wedding day.

If your favorite drink is a simple red wine and your groom’s is a domestic beer, there is really no need fuss with having signature cocktails created. In fact, they can take more time to complete, and therefore may require additional bartenders be hired for your wedding. So this is certainly something to keep in mind when planning your wedding menu.

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