How to Plan a Well-stocked Wedding Bar: Part Two

How to Plan a Well-stocked Wedding Bar: Part Two

A well-stocked bar is a wedding staple. Fortunately, stocking it doesn’t have to feel like rocket science.

When it comes to planning the perfect wedding reception, choosing whether or not to have an open bar can be a huge part of the equation. Not every couple feels comfortable with the idea of serving alcohol at their reception. But for many couples being able to share a glass of wine or toast of champagne is essential to the celebration! If you do want to have an open bar, it’s important to carry a good variety of alcohols, and to have plenty of them. That way guests are able to enjoy wonderful beverages throughout the evening.

What Pairs Well with Your Menu?

Whether your caterer will be providing bartenders or not, it can be incredibly helpful to plan your cocktail menu with your caterer’s help. That way you can choose beverages that pair well with the meal you have so carefully selected.

Keep in mind that seasonal vegetables and fruits are great ways to add interest to your wedding menu, and many can be infused or otherwise added to your cocktail selections as well. You can even look for beers and wines (especially those crafted near your chosen wedding venue) that highlight similar flavors, so they pair well with what you’re serving.

How Much Alcohol Will You Need?

How much alcohol you will actually use will be dependent on a number of variables, including how much your guests drink, how long they stay, and much more. That said, there are some helpful general guidelines for stocking a wedding bar.

For every 100 guests who will be in attendance, and every 4 hours of time, experts recommend stocking at least 12 bottles of red, and 12 bottles of white wine. You’ll also need approximately 6 cases of beer, 3 of light beer, 2 of domestic, and 1 case of imports. You could also add in local, craft beers for extra variety and to highlight your regional fare!

When it comes to liquor, you will probably need approximately 13 bottles. Experts suggest having 2 liters of bourbon, 2 liters of scotch, 5 liters of vodka and 1 liter of tequila, plus 2 liters of rum, and a liter of gin. You might also want to include vermouth, for added cocktail options.

A well-stocked bar should also include several mixers, like Coke and diet sodas, Sprite, tonic, ginger ale, and club soda. Cranberry, grapefruit, pineapple and lime juice can also help to create a variety of drinks, without costing a great deal of money. Grenadine, sour mix, and bloody mary mix are also great additions. Don’t forget the lemons, limes, orange wedges, olives and cherries, which can help to elevate your selections.

You will also want approximately 20 bottles of champagne, particularly if you plan to offer guests champagne for drinking during your wedding toasts.

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