Need to Get Organized? A Paper Planner Could Help! Part One

Need to Get Organized? A Paper Planner Could Help! Part One

A not-so-old-fashioned paper planner could really help to keep your planning on track.

If you have spent any time in craft or stationery stores, recently, then you have likely seen that there are now more paper planner options than ever before, many with cute details and colorful accessories to go with them. For brides doing their own wedding planning, these can be more than just cute and fun, though. They can actually be highly functional ways to keep track of vendor numbers, budget considerations, and simply as ways to make sure they are checking each necessary task off their growing to-do lists. So, is it time you invest in a not-so-old fashioned paper planner? And if so, how can you make the most of this planning tool?

Choosing a Planner That Suits You Is Important

One of the best ways to ensure your planner is actually useful is by choosing something you can easily take with you, whether that means finding one small enough to fit in your purse, or opting for a larger binder you can fit in your laptop bag or briefcase.

While you’re shopping, you may also want to consider purchasing an insert that can hold all your vendors’ business cards, a folder or pocket for receipts, and even a separate budget notebook where you can keep track of expenses.

Having this binder on hand can be incredibly helpful. That way if you do have to field a last-minute vendor call, you’ll have all the information you need with you. It can also help you take detailed notes if you’re discussing prices or package options with various vendors, so you’ll have record of the conversations. (It’s still wise to type up your notes and send them to your vendors so you’ll have agreed upon terms in easily accessible writing, as the wedding day approaches.)

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