Planning The Wedding Yourself? Keep These 3 Tips In Mind

Planning The Wedding Yourself? Keep These 3 Tips In MindMany brides and grooms choose to plan their weddings themselves, either because of financial constraints or simply a DIY spirit. Either way, it is possible to plan a wedding with little outside help. You simply need to know where to start, and make smart decisions about how much you can spend, where you want to wed, and other key factors!

Inspiration Comes First

You don’t need to have a detailed idea of what your wedding should look like from the second you get engaged. One of the most fun aspects of wedding planning is looking for inspiration, whether on Pinterest, in wedding magazines, at bridal shows, or even your own experiences as a couple.

That said, the first place to start is often by creating a general idea of how you would like your wedding to look and feel. For some, this could mean coming up with a color palette to inspire all the other choices. Some might uses a few words to describe the feel they’re hoping to create. While others might think about general locations, such as the beach, the mountains, or their favorite town, like Austin, for instance.

A Budget Is Essential

Before you hire any vendors or buy a single wedding item, it is incredibly helpful and important to set your wedding budget. This likely means sitting down with your fiancé and/or your parents, to determine how much money you really have to spend on the wedding. The great news is it’s possible to plan a great wedding on almost any budget. You simply need to prioritize your decisions, and be ready to make compromises, regardless of whether you’re working with $10,000 or $100,000.

Choosing Vendors Comes Next

Once you have a general idea of what kind of wedding you want, and a concrete figure for how much you can spend, you can now begin hiring your wedding vendors. For most couples, this means booking a wedding venue, a photographer, videographer, and other key vendors. While you don’t need to rush the decision making process, especially if you’re having a long engagement, you should hire those vendors that are most important to you – and those that can only accept one wedding per weekend – first. Then you can begin hiring your other key vendors.

Ready to Book Your Wedding Venue?

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