Unique Touches Wedding Guests Really Love

Unique Touches Wedding Guests Really Love

Having guests sign a globe is just one fun alternative to a traditional wedding guestbook.

Sure, the wedding magazines, and Pinterest, are filled with gorgeous ideas for your upcoming wedding. Your loved ones may also be full of sage advice, or not-so-subtle hints as to what they think your wedding should look like. Fortunately, we think the best way to plan a memorable and meaningful wedding is to let your own tastes guide you, and often that means shirking tradition in favor of choosing things that you really love!

Skip the Traditional Guestbook!

Sure, you could pick up a simple guestbook at your nearest stationery or craft store. But why not shirk tradition, and go with an alternative you can proudly display in your home and one your guests will really enjoy signing. From matted photo to wood slices that can be put in a gorgeous vase, to quilt pieces, or photobooth strips, the sky is really the limit. Pinterest is filled with unique ideas. Simply choose one that fits your wedding’s overall aesthetic, as well as one that will look right at home in your living or bedroom, long after it serves its purpose at the wedding venue.

Give Gifts That Can Be Enjoyed, Instead of Dust Collectors

While personalized cozies, candles and miniature frames have long been popular as wedding gifts, most guests would prefer something that can be enjoyed rather than stored away. This is why foods make such popular gifts.

Whether you choose to set up a serve-yourself candy, cookie or popcorn bar, or send guests home with single servings of pie (baked in jars, for instance!), jelly, or another delectable, cute packaging is all you need to create delicious and delightful gifts guests will really appreciate.

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