Ways to Honor Both Your Moms on Your Wedding Day

Ways to Honor Both Your Moms on Your Wedding Day

Don’t forget to honor your mom on the biggest day of your life? After all, you wouldn’t be a bride/alive if it weren’t for her!

You may not have the same taste in dresses, music, or even cake, but that doesn’t mean you trust your mom’s opinion any less. After all, she’s been your biggest cheerleader and confidante your whole life; chances are she will also be your right-hand woman throughout the wedding planning process, too, and the voice of support you most need to hear during stressful moments. It only makes sense, that when it comes to your wedding day, you will want to help make her feel extra special. Here are a few of our favorite ways to say “thanks” to the amazing woman who raised you, and the one that raised the man of your dreams!

Give Them Something Meaningful

From a favorite photo from childhood framed in a beautiful (perhaps engraved) frame, to a locket necklace, or one with your birthstone, every mom loves a sentimental gift that honors your connection. Think of it as the grownup version of that macaroni noodle necklace she still cherishes.

The cost isn’t as important as letting your mom know how much you truly appreciate and love her, and you can do this by thoughtfully selecting something that suits her tastes, even if it’s not your own.

For brides that have already grown close to their mother-in-laws, as well, it’s appropriate to give both moms matching or coordinated gifts, such as an identical or similar locket for your MIL with a childhood photo of your groom.

Honor Them During the Ceremony

Another great way to celebrate your mom’s significance in your life is by asking her to have a role in the ceremony. For instance, you could ask both her and your dad to walk you down the aisle, or invite all your parents up to say a prayer over you during the ceremony. You could even ask your mom, mother-in-law, or both to offer a reading of their favorite scripture or love-related poems. Many modern couples also invite their parents to take part in modern takes on unity ceremonies, such as creating a wine box.

If that’s not your style, or you’re trying to keep the ceremony short and sweet, you could also stop to hug or offer each of your moms a flower on your way out of the ceremony.

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