What Does Your Dream Wedding Dress Really Look Like? Part One

What Does Your Dream Wedding Dress Really Look Like? Part One

Trust us; you might be surprised what your dream wedding gown actually looks like.

As a young girl you may have watched movies and “decided” what your dream wedding dress would someday look like. As a teen you might even have cut out pictures from magazines, to save for the day you actually got engaged. But now that you are an actual bride-to-be planning your real-life wedding, do you find yourself torn between all those dreams gowns you obsessed over in your youth and all the chic styles you’ve grown to love as an adult? To complicate matters further, have you already been dress shopping, only to leave feeling more confused than ever? Most wives will admit that at some point they too questioned all those wedding dress choices. Fortunately, we know a few easy ways to make sure you find the gown that is right for you now, and forever!

Don’t Look to the Past As Much As Your Closet

While many childhood dreams help to shape us and guide us throughout our lives, the dreams you had of your someday wedding will quite possibly need some major adjustments. Just as you likely gave up on marrying your favorite boy band member, for instance, you may also need to let go of the idea of wearing a Cinderella-styled ballgown, particularly if you and your fiancé have chosen to host a rustic, outdoor wedding.

Instead of being sad about saying bye to what might have been silly or outlandish dreams (were castles and tiaras involved, as well?), why not take a closer look at what you’re loving now, and let that inspire your choices of dress, venue and more!

  • Do you constantly reach for a flattering A-line dress that is both comfy and timelessly chic? Look for a fitted bodice and slightly wider skirt that will help to accentuate your figure and also feel like you.
  • Love body conscious dresses that show off every curve you’ve got? Don’t shy away from a form-fitting gown on your wedding day. Just consider limiting how much skin you are showing, in order to keep the look classy and church-appropriate, if you’ve chosen to have a church-based wedding.
  • Planning a rustic and laidback wedding? Don’t get hung up by traditional dress codes. We love seeing brides rock short gowns with their cowboy boots and grooms in jeans, or vintage-inspired lace numbers which look equally at-home at outdoor ceremonies.

Ready to Book Your Dream Wedding Venue?

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