What Does Your Dream Wedding Dress Really Look Like? Part Two

What Does Your Dream Wedding Dress Really Look Like? Part Two

Time to wedding dress shop? These tips can help you sort trough the many styles to find your dream dress!

Finding your dream wedding dress can be exhilarating and a little overwhelming, at times. After all, there are so many beautiful choices out there. How on earth is a girl supposed to choose? We think finding your dream dress is ultimately about finding a style that really suits you, and that fits within your overall vision for your day. So take these things into consideration, before you go dress shopping, in order to narrow your choices to a few amazing options, rather than a sea of overwhelming choices!

Know What Works for You, but Leave Room for a Surprise

Yesterday we talked about how your closet can serve as great dress shopping inspiration. That said, in some cases, you won’t really know what works unless you try it on. So trust your instincts here. If a dress nearly literally is “calling out to you” from the rack, don’t be afraid to give it a try. The worst that can happen is you don’t like it on, and you move on to your next option. Meanwhile, the best that could happen is it could turn out your dream dress is a complete surprise.

On the flip side, that dress you’ve been obsessing over since you saw it in a magazine, could feel completely wrong when you finally put it on (or knowing that your dream venue doesn’t suit that dress style). Knowing is half the battle, when it comes to dress shopping, so take your time, and try, try, try until you find the gown that feels right for you!

One More Thing to Keep In Mind

While Pinterest and wedding magazines can offer wonderful inspiration, when it comes to choosing what to wear you should always defer to what fits the best and feels the most like you, rather than trying to follow any current wedding trends. Styles you have historically loved, you are likely to continue loving, which means that decades from now, when you look back on your wedding photos you’ll most likely be happy with the dress choice you made.

That said, if you let yourself be talked into the latest dress (or hair, accessory, or other trend) just to be now, you may find yourself regretting it in a few years, when trends change again, as they always do.

And while mom and sister and friend’s opinions can be helpful, ultimately the choice is yours. So don’t let anyone pressure you into a dress you’re not sure about. Take your time, even take some time to yourself, to weigh the options, and ultimately, choose the one you like the best even if it didn’t win the popular vote with your bridal party!

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