Bridesmaids Gifts They Are Sure to Cherish: Part Two

Bridesmaids Gifts They Are Sure to Cherish: Part Two

Can you even imagine your big day without your bestie by your side? Of course not! So honor them with thoughtful gifts they’ll love now, and later! Photo by: Nicole Chatham Photography

Whatever you decide to give your bridesmaids, as a sign of thanks on your wedding day, there are a few simple ways you can help make the gifts seem extra special. Little things like including sentimental favorites, or taking time to expertly wrap each gift, can really be meaningful. Just make sure you tackle these projects before your wedding week begins, so you’re not stressed with last minute prep work, much less asking your bridesmaids to help wrap each other’s gifts!

Celebrate Your History with Something Sentimental

Any gift can be made extra special with a sentimental touch, such as a framed photo of you two or a set of magnets created from your favorite Instagrams. You could also include a copy of your favorite girls’ night movie paired with your friends’ favorite candies. Or, give each girl a coffee or travel mug and delicacies from your favorite city to visit together, your home state, or your college town.

Celebrating each unique relationship is a great way to let your bridesmaids know how much you really do appreciate them, and that you treasure their friendships.

Pretty Packaging Matters!

When presenting the gifts, remember the packaging matters. If you aren’t going to a jeweler or cute boutique that will offer its own cute packaging, create your own.

For instance, most craft stores carry inexpensive jewelry boxes you can decorate to suit each of your girls. Use glitter stickers with their initials, for instance, or doll them up with a fake flower atop each box. You could also wrap small jewelry in organza bags. Tie them to small bottles of champagne to create extra fun.

Or, buy each of your girls a small makeup bag to wrap each gift in. Complete the gift with a small lipgloss they can use on the wedding day, and nail polish in their favorite shade. This is a practical and pretty wrapping option!

Reusable totes or weekender bags are another great option for wrapping larger gifts. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they can also come in handy during the wedding and reception, when everyone will likely end up with lots of stuff they need to tote around. Look for ones with fun sayings, pretty floral designs, or something local like an outline of your city or state, for instance.

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