Can I Really Decorate My Wedding on a Budget?

Can I Really Decorate My Wedding on a Budget?

Want to create a beautiful wedding reception without breaking the bank? Consider these cost effective ways to decorate your wedding!

Wondering how much it really has to cost to decorate your wedding reception and ceremony space? Many brides worry that a tight budget means they will have to sacrifice details or décor. Fortunately, that is rarely the case! If you are looking to save money without sacrificing style, consider these simple ways to create a beautiful and meaningful wedding without breaking the bank!

Use Personal Touches to Create Interest and Meaning

One low-cost, and often free way to create interest at your wedding reception is by using items you already have to decorate tables at your wedding reception or even to create meaningful vignettes. For instance, why not take the framed photos currently hanging on your walls, and use them to share bits of your love story, by placing one on each table? Or, if you want a more cohesive look, take the images out of the frames and use inexpensive clothespins to string them up for a rustic display.

You don’t have to limit yourself to photographs, either. Don’t be afraid to scour your apartment to find several items with sentimental value that can double as wedding décor. Your vintage suitcase collection could help hold cards from guests, or even be used to display escort cards. Small souvenirs from your travels could also make for great decorations!

Stretch Your Dollars with Simple DIY Products

Another way to save money, while still creating bold decorative impact, is by tackling simple DIY projects. For instance, why not use rescued wood pallets to create hand-painted signs leading guests to your cocktail hour or reception? You could also find a few old frames and fill them with chalkboard painted plywood to create pretty menu boards, or to display your wedding hashtag!

Choose a Venue That Is a Beautiful Starting Point

While you might be tempted to look for the most affordable wedding venue you can find, this can sometimes cost more in the long run, either because you will feel compelled to hide unattractive areas (the church gym’s ceiling, for instance), or because you will have to rent your own tables, chairs, and other items.

Instead, why not focus on a wedding venue that is already beautiful without any decorations, and one that supplies key items like tables and chairs? That way the few little touches you tackle, can simply help to add personality to an already pretty starting point!

Ready to Plan Your Dream Wedding?

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