Celebrate Your Bohemian Spirit with These Nature-Inspired Décor Ideas: Part One

Celebrate Your Bohemian Spirit with These Nature-Inspired Décor Ideas: Part One

Want to embrace your bohemian side as a bride? A flower crown is only the start of beautiful nature-inspired style.

Have you always prided yourself on your artistic and creative soul? Do you love nothing more than spending time out in nature? Do friends tease you that you have the makings of a hippie, a nomad, or simply one whose wanderlust can’t be quenched? Whether you call yourself bohemian or not, if you love nature-inspired décor, and anything that celebrates travel and conscientious living, the good news is that there are lots of beautiful ways to be a bohemaian bride, and to incorporate some of those beloved elements into your entire wedding day!

Dress Yourself and Your Bridal Party In Bohemian Style

A flower crown isn’t the only way to achieve bohemian-inspired bridal beauty, though it certainly doesn’t hurt. Rather than opting for a traditional white ballgown, why not try a fitted ivory lace gown instead.

  • Don’t be afraid to borrow a family member’s, either, such as your mom’s or grandma’s. After all, most fashion cycles back around, and the sentimentality of a borrowed gown is unmatchable.
  • That said, if you must shop new, search for a dress that looks like it comes with its own history, even if it’s something new, rather than something borrowed.
  • Don’t be afraid of a little color, either. Many brides are opting for blush, champagne, or otherwise colorful gowns. And these look particularly at-home during outdoor ceremonies.
  • For bridesmaids’ attire, consider letting each pick a different floral dress. (Set color perimeters if you want some cohesion.) Or, go shopping together to find a mix of new or vintage pieces in colors you love and a variety of styles.
  • As for flower girls, it’s appropriate to pick dresses for them that look incredibly similar to your own. Complete their look with a matching floral crown. Or, let them stand out in ferry-inspired tutus, or other whimsical dresses that will suit both their age and the bohemian-style of your celebration.

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