Do I Need to Hire a Wedding Planner?

Do I Need to Hire a Wedding Planner?

Wondering if you need help bringing your dream wedding to life?Hiring a wedding planner can help reduce your stress, and help you enjoy your big day more!

As someone newly engaged, you may already be feeling both excited and a little overwhelmed about all that wedding planning entails. That said, you may be particularly curious if you should actually begin the process by hiring a designated wedding planner. Many brides-to-be worry that a wedding planner is far outside their budget, in other words a luxury they simply cannot afford. But in reality, many, if not most, brides could benefit from hiring a wedding planner. Best of all, there is a planner to suit nearly every taste and every budget. So if hiring a wedding planner is something you are considering now, here are a few helpful questions that can help you make that important decision.

How Much Help Will You Need Planning?

Whether or not to hire a wedding planner, and if so, how much help you will actually need from him or her, is largely dependent on how much time you, yourself, can devote to wedding planning.

For working brides, moms, or those in school full-time, spending hours every week on wedding-related tasks may simply not be an option. Think of it this way, if you are already feeling busy, overworked or stressed, taking on wedding planning alone is probably not a great idea.

Yes, friends and family may be willing and excited to help, but only as much as their also-busy schedules can allow. So be realistic about how much time you and your personal team of support can put into planning.

And keep in mind that a wedding planner has the experience and can dedicate the time to bringing your wedding vision to life, while also shielding you from the minutia that could otherwise make your engagement feel more stressful than it should.

Do I Have Someone to Coordinate On the Day of the Wedding?

Whether you choose someone to help with much of the planning leading up to the wedding, or solely to serve as your coordinator the day of the wedding, a planner’s help can be hugely beneficial in keeping your wedding day on schedule, and also keeping you safe from last-minute stressors, such as worrying about the wedding vendor who got stuck in traffic, or issues with a sound system.

Is a Wedding Planner a Priority?

When it comes to deciding whether you can afford a wedding planner, keep in mind that many planners work based on a percentage of their clients’ budget. This means you might be pleasantly surprised how affordable their rates really are, especially considering how much weight and stress they are taking off of your shoulders.

So don’t be afraid to ask your wedding venue or photographer for some recommended wedding planners, and see if you can find a person and a planning package that suits your needs and your budget!

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