Grown Up Ways to Look Pretty In Pink On Your Wedding Day

Grown Up Ways to Look Pretty In Pink On Your Wedding Day

Who says you have to wear white? More and more brides are opting for something a bit less traditional and a lot more personal – like pastel pink – when it comes to choosing their wedding dresses!

Have you loved pink since you were a little girl, but now find yourself wondering if there are any grow-up ways to rock your favorite shade on your wedding day? Of course there are! In fact, now is actually a great time to be alive, and specifically a huge fan of rosy shades. That’s because more and more wedding designers are incorporating pink into their wedding gown lines. So, if you want to be a beautiful, blushing bride, consider these sophisticated ways to wear pretty pink colors on your wedding day!

Don’t Be Afraid to Skip the White Dress

Whether you’re planning a traditional church ceremony, a simple backyard wedding, or a courthouse jaunt, the rule that you need to wear white has now officially been retired (at least in our opinions.) After all, maybe white just isn’t your shade, or ivory or champagne for that matter. Why not wear a color you love?

Fortunately for you, many designers are now offering a variety of pink dresses, from the subtlest of blush shades to ombre organza gowns meant to really highlight bold pink hues. This means you can go with a classic, sophisticated dress that just barely reads as pink, or a bright and beautifully pink gown, to suit your individual style.

Of Course, There Are Other Ways to Wear Pink, Too!

Maybe you’re still hesitant to go with a pink gown, and that’s okay too. There are plenty of fun ways to bring pink to your overall bridal look.

Your nails are an obvious choice, and since they’re such a small part of your overall look, you can really go bold – even wild – with the color or even design you choose!

Accessories are another great place to make a statement. Consider a vintage pink brooch for your hair, statement earrings in a gorgeous magenta shade, or bright pink stilettos – or Converse – for your shoes!

Your bouquet is also a great place to play with color. We especially love when brides have unique bouquets, while keeping the bridesmaids’ looks simpler, especially if they’ll be wearing colorful dresses. Play up your love of all things pink, with a variety of blooms in different shades of pink, or use bright pink roses, peonies or ranunculas as the stars of the show, and compliment them with a mix of other flowers in various colors!

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