How Big Is Too Big for Your Bridal Party?

How Big Is Too Big for Your Bridal Party?Do you have a ton of best friends, but worry that inviting them all to participate in the wedding could feel a bit overwhelming? Basically, are you wondering whether there is such a thing as a bridal party that is simply too big? Over the last few years, many brides have opted to live by the “bigger is better” philosophy, when it comes to their wedding parties. The result? It’s not uncommon to hear of brides with eight, nine or many more bridesmaids! And while there’s nothing wrong with a big – even huge – bridal party, there are a few things you should consider during your wedding planning, before deciding just how many girls to ask to serve as bridesmaids.

Will Everyone Get Along?

If you have friends from several different eras of your life, it can be helpful to consider how they will all relate to one another. That’s not to say you should skip out on inviting your childhood best friend to be your maid-of-honor, just because she won’t know any of your sorority sisters from college. You just want to try to surround yourself with close friends who you can trust to play nicely with one another, even if this may be the first time they’re meeting.

You also want to consider whether inviting your closest cousin to be a bridesmaids, means your aunt and mom will be pressuring you to have her sister who you’re not close to, to serve as one, as well. While we encourage brides to do what feels right for them, and not let outside pressures sway them too much, considering the family and friend dynamics before you make decision can certainly help to minimize undue stress.

Consider the Size of Your Ceremony Space

Another important factor, like it or not, is how big your ceremony space is going to be. If you’re having your wedding ceremony in the tiny church you grew up attending, 10 bridesmaids might look out of place. More importantly, they might not be able to fit on the steps!

So while you could ask them to serve as bridesmaids, and simply have them sit together on the front pew, you might also want to consider paring down your bridesmaids –you’re your guest list – to help keep everyone comfortable in the small space.

Of course, the alternative is to forego the tiny church, altogether, and to choose a wedding venue that provides a spacious ceremony site, along with your dreamy reception venue!

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