How Can You Enjoy Your Engagement Session More?

How Can You Enjoy Your Engagement Session More?

Your engagement session should be fun and comfortable, for you and your fiance. And it can be, with these simple tips for relaxing, and enjoying the time together!

Are you excited about your upcoming engagement session, but also a bit nervous about it? After all, this is probably the first time you will be meeting your photographer face-to-face. For many, it may also be the first time they’re in front of a camera as a couple, at least one that doesn’t also double as a cell phone. Whether you’re worried about what to wear, or what to do with your hands, or simply where to have your session, we’ve got some simple tips and advice, which can help you to actually enjoy your engagement session!

What to Wear?

Ah, the question so many a fiancé has asked. This can feel doubly tricky since, chances are, you will be picking out clothes for both yourself and your soon-to-be groom. For most couples, it’s best to stick to something close to what you would wear normally. That doesn’t have to mean your Friday casual wear, but you may not want to stray too far from your Sunday finest, either, particularly if this would make you or your fiancé feel awkward or uncomfortable.

Instead, take a look at your closet and think about something that you absolutely love to wear, something you feel great in, whether it’s that so-illusive perfect pair of blue jeans you finally found, or a little black dress you love to grab for date nights. Starting with something you know you feel confident in is a great first step. From there it should be much easier to find an outfit that will compliment it well, and notice that we said compliment not match. There’s no need to dress like twins! In fact, it’s usually far more chic to be coordinated, instead of wearing a single color or too similar of outfits.

How to Look Great and Natural?

For many couples, interacting with and in front of the camera can feel awkward at first. Fortunately, if you have hired a photographer whose personality you like, as well as their work, he or she should be able to help put you at ease and inspires confidence. A good photographer will also be able to help offer posing tips, to help you look your best, while still allowing for candid interactions that will result in photos you’ll cherish for years to come.

Where Should You Go?

A great way to add personality and fun to your engagement session is to have it some place that is special to the two of you, and one where you feel most like yourselves. This could be on the patio of the café where you had your first date, or at your shared alma mater. It could also mean going for a hike together, or cooking dinner in your apartment.

Of course, when considering a meaningful location for your engagement photos, don’t hesitate to speak with your wedding venue about scheduling your session there, either. This is not only a great excuse to visit the venue as a couple, but it can also serve as a type of sneak peak for guests, giving them great clues about what the wedding day will look like!

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