How Do I Pick My Wedding Flowers?

How Do I Pick My Wedding Flowers?

We loved that Jordan’s gorgeous bouquets looked like they could have been freshly picked. They were perfect paired with her bridesmaids’ casual and cute chambray shirts!
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When you flip through bridal magazines, or look on Pinterest, is it the flowers that you are most excited about? It’s rare that a girl gets to have her choice of flowers, much less so many of them. For some brides this can be absolutely exiting, but others may find the process a bit overwhelming. The good news is choosing flowers should be really fun, and these simple tips can help to take the stress out of wedding planning, specifically figuring out whether lilies or lavender, carnations or cacti, roses or ranunculas, or some unique combination of them all, are right for you.

Think About the Colors for the Wedding and the Feel

One easy way to begin narrowing down your floral choices is by looking to your wedding colors for inspiration. (If you haven’t chosen those yet, you can find our best tips about choosing wedding colors, here.) Some flowers are only available in limited color palettes, so narrowing your field of colors down can often help you and your florist find the flowers that will work best within it.

Of course, equally important to blooms that go well with your chosen palette, is picking flowers that make sense for the overall feel of your wedding. If you’ve chosen a rustic wedding venue, like Texas Old Town, for instance, you may want to lean heavily on local wildflowers or quintessentially southern choices, like sunflowers. If you’ve chosen a classic ballroom, large and ornate blooms like peonies, roses and hydrangeas may best fit the bill.

Going for a bohemian vibe? Don’t be afraid to mix potted succulents with an eclectic mix of colorful blooms.

Choose Bouquets That Make Sense with Your Size and Your Dress

When it comes to planning your wedding bouquet, thinking about the size and the style is important. For instance, you don’t want to overwhelm a petite frame with a bouquet that feels too big.

When it comes to dress styles, try to compliment the gown you’ve chosen by picking flowers that suit the same “feel.” Formal ball gowns pair well with equally posh flowers, like peonies. While vintage lace numbers look great paired with eclectic blooms that look like they could have been freshly picked from a field.

Have a super ornate gown? Don’t be afraid of adding just a hint of bling to your bouquet with a brooch on the ribbon. Keeping things simple? Add non-fussy blooms like baby’s breath.

Looking for an Austin-area Wedding Venue?

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