How to Be the Coolest Bride Ever to the Kids at Your Wedding!

How to Be the Coolest Bride Ever to the Kids at Your Wedding!

From adding fun touches to the reception tables to serving food kids will actually love, there are plenty of great ways to keep your youngest wedding guests happy!

We’ve all been to those wedding receptions that drug on to the point that all the guests under the age of ten were passed out on folding chairs, anxiously waiting on their parents to stop partying and take them home already. It doesn’t make for a pretty sight. We’ve also likely witnessed understandably picky, pint-sized eaters pick at plates clearly meant to wow the adults at the table with little to no regard for their limited palettes. If you want to do better than that, when it comes to your youngest guests, consider planning these fun ways to earn major cool points with the kids at your wedding!

Start with Entertainment That Will Keep Young Guests Quietly Occupied

You probably don’t want the kids at your wedding running around with Nerf guns or noisemakers. But, there are plenty of fun and age-appropriate activities that can help to keep your young guests quietly occupied during your reception.

  • For instance, start with paper-wrapped kids table and small cans of crayons, or individual packs at each place setting, that allow them to draw or play tic tac toe with one another.
  • Bubbles are another affordable, kid-approved and silent entertainment option.
  • In lieu of monogrammed candles or candied almonds as gifts for the kids, go with small toys or games they can enjoy then and there. You don’t have to go with anything gender much less kid-specific, either. Keep it simple with small packs of play dough, animal figures, temporary tattoos, stickers and other fun trinkets. (Just make sure to only give them out to kids old enough to enjoy them!)
  • If you want to see some kids out on the dance floor at your reception, enlist the help of your DJ in choosing a few kid-friendly songs to intersperse into the mix.

What Should You Serve Them?

While it might not be completely necessary to have a kid-specific meal option, if you plan to serve your guests anything with odd textures, distinct smells, much less sophisticated flavor profiles, or anything else kids are likely to actively be confused by or complain about, it could be a great idea to ask your caterer to create kid-friendly meals for your guests!

This could be as simple as chicken fingers and mac n’cheese for a lunch or dinner wedding reception, or cereals and pancakes for an upscale brunch wedding. Basically, stick to items most kids love and you’ll pretty much be the coolest bride ever!

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