Practical Tips for Managing Stress, for the DIY Bride: Part One

Practical Tips for Managing Stress, for the DIY Bride: Part One

DIY touches, like the charming cork Bar sign at Ara and Nick’s TOT wedding, can bring unique interest to your wedding reception!

Are you a bride with a passion for DIY projects? If so, your mind – and Pinterest boards – may already be filled with loads of ideas for everything from hand addressed invitations to painted wooden signs to direct guests to your wedding reception. But, in the back of your mind are you also a bit worried about how you’ll actually accomplish all these DIY tasks before your wedding day rolls around? If so, the good news is that it is totally possible to pull of the DIY wedding of your dreams. You just need to stick to a timeline to make it happen!

Tackle Projects Early, Rather Than Procrastinating

If you’re a procrastinator, it is really important to have someone on your wedding team, whether it’s a full-time coordinator or your type A big sister, who can help keep your wedding planning – and all your projects – on track. This is particularly true if you’re a DIY bride, with lots of dreams for tiny details that need to be created leading up to the wedding and then set out at the wedding venue on your big day.

Accountability is key, here. So ask someone you trust to be firm but kind, and to keep checking in on you leading up to the wedding.

Another great tactic is to set deadlines for yourself, when it comes to wedding projects. Procrastinating leads to lots of added stress, so while it might sound counterintuitive, deadlines can actually help keep you calm(er). From ordering your dress to printing engagement pictures, painting welcome signs to writing vows… make a detailed plan, complete with dates when items need to be finished by, and stick to it. This can really cut down on last-minute stress!

Consider investing in a cute paper planner if it will keep you on track, or set reminders in your phone, to alert you when a project needs to be finished!

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