Practical Tips for Managing Stress, for the DIY Bride: Part Two

Practical Tips for Managing Stress, for the DIY Bride: Part Two

Chalkboard signs make a great addition to wedding ceremonies and receptions. Plus, they’re a simple DIY! Just look at Chelsea and Woody’s cute addition to their TOT wedding decor. Photo by: Tony Elena Smith

Wondering how on earth you are going to achieve the DIY wedding of your dreams, without making it to the altar covered in spraypaint or simply stressed out? DIY projects are not for everyone, but for those with artistic ambitions, they can be a meaningful addition to a wedding. In order to pull off a DIY wedding, though, it’s important to have realistic expectations, and to be willing to ask for help! Because no matter how crafty and skilled you are, you will still need it if you want to actually enjoy your wedding day, instead of worrying about last minute details.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help!

Enlisting help is another great way to stay motivated and productive. If you have one or two bridesmaids who live close by, invite them over for regular craft dates, and start knocking out your to do list together. You could also enlist help from your handyman fiancé, or family members with a passion (and skillset) for DIY projects.

Just keep in mind, that if you start feeling overwhelmed, you may need to outsource some of your projects. This could mean asking your mom or friends to help with items, or it could mean ordering handmade (just but by someone else) items from sites like Etsy, instead of trying to do everything yourself! This is actually a great way to support other artists, while also keeping your stress at a minimum. In fact, this is why we recommend most brides stick to tackling DIY projects they already have some experience with. The other items (especially those involving any power tools you’re unfamiliar with) are best left to the pros, since the learning curve on some projects can be steep, and quite frankly, stressful!

Have a Go-to Contact Person the Day of the Wedding

Finally, the day of the wedding is not the time to be finishing any of your DIY projects! This pose practical problems – you don’t want to set not-quite-dry spraypainted frames onto antique lace tablecloths, for instance. But it can also lead to far too much undue stress.

So, leave the actual day-of decorating to people you trust, so you can focus on simply getting yourself ready and enjoying your day!

This might mean asking a few aunts or friends to set out reception details, or it could mean hiring a day of coordinator and assistant to handle these tasks for you.

Of course, if your wedding venue allows you to decorate early, like the night before, this can also help. So be sure to talk to your venue coordinator about how much time you have to prep your space, and when you can get started!

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