Romantic Wedding Details That Won’t Break the Bank

Romantic Wedding Details That Won’t Break the BankAre you looking to plan your dream wedding on a real-life budget? While it might sound counterintuitive, sometimes the best way to save money on your wedding is to spend a bit more on the wedding venue, upfront. Why? When you start with a beautiful ceremony and reception space you don’t need a lot of decorations. You may also be able to avoid the added expense of renting chairs, tables, etc. which can add up quickly. Then, once your beautiful wedding venue has been rented, you can start choosing décor strategically to highlight the venue’s best assets, and also to showcase you and your fiance’s personal style and your unique love story!

How Can You Elevate Your Wedding Décor On a Shoestring Budget?

Mood lighting is one of the most affordable ways to create elegance and ambience without spending a small fortune to do so. Whether you opt to hang string lights throughout your outdoor space, or use a variety of candles to add romance, just be sure you know the policies of your chosen wedding venue, so you can plan accordingly. (Some will only allow battery-operated candles, for safety reasons, for instance.)

When it comes to flowers, more is better. Unfortunately, if you’re relying solely on popular blooms like roses, lillies or peonies, the costs can skyrocket quickly. A simple trick is to ask for extra filler flowers to help create unique bouquets with lots of impact, without totally busting your budget. Baby’s breath or baby carnations might not sound special, but displayed in the right vessels, or combined with bigger blooms, they are affordable ways to create interest and stretch your floral budget!

You can help to add impact to table centerpieces with little work and little money, by tackling a few DIY projects. This could mean creating your own wood slices as bases for each of the floral designs. Or, you could paint several mismatched picture frames found at a dollar store or thrift shops, to display engagement or travel pictures of the two of you. Not only will guests get to see peeks at your love story, but frames are great design elements that can be accomplished inexpensively.

Choosing one or two key areas to really put extra effort into can also help to make your entire reception area sing. For instance, make your cake table the decorative highlight of the day with one fancy sequined tablecloth, lighting that highlights the cake, and other decorative elements arranged nearby. You could use the same approach with the table you’ve reserved for your bridal party, or create a stunning photo backdrop where friends and family can Instagram themselves having a blast!

Looking for a Beautiful Austin Wedding Venue?

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