Month: June 2017

How Can You Save Money On Your Dream Dress? Part Two

Did you have a serious case of sticker shock the first time you saw your dream wedding dress? Well, luckily there are some nearly surefire ways you can help to save money on your bridal look, without having to sacrifice your great sense of style in the process. Here are a few more great tips… Read more »

How Can You Save Money On Your Dream Dress? Part One

If you have recently become engaged, then you likely already know how overwhelming it can be trying to find your dream wedding dress with so many wonderful options available. Besides narrowing down fabric choices and fits, you also have to make sure you find a dream gown that not only suits your style but also… Read more »

Let Them Eat, What? How to Plan a Well-Rounded Wedding Menu

The days of serving up bland chicken or fish are pretty much done, when it comes to wedding fare. Modern guests want flavorful options that are sure to please their far-more sophisticated palettes. That said, couples today also have to take into consideration the prevalence of food allergies and other restrictions, factors that generally require… Read more »

How Can You Keep Your Little Ones Happy at Your Wedding?

Will your kids be a big part of your wedding day? Whether they’ll be included in the ceremony or sitting on the front row, if you have young children who will be attending or even participating in your wedding, it’s important to have a plan in place for keeping them both comfortable and happy throughout… Read more »

Can Wedding Items Double As Home Décor?

Does the idea of having to box up and give away a bunch of decorations, which represent your hard-earned money, after your wedding day make you want to cringe? If so, before you start shopping for wedding décor, why not consider what you could invest in that would double as home décor long after your… Read more »

What Your Wedding Vendors Really Want You to Know: Part Two

Still wondering what you should know before your big walk down the aisle? Wouldn’t you love to learn from the years of combined experience your wedding vendors have had with last minute snafus and a million other things that can go incredibly right – and wrong – on a wedding day? Well, here are a… Read more »

What Your Wedding Vendors Really Want You to Know: Part One

Now that you are engaged, do you feel like you dove head first into the throes of wedding planning? That can be a stressful place to be. After all, there are just so many decisions to be made, from what kind of flowers to carry to what kind of car to leave your reception in…. Read more »

What Flowers Should You Choose for Your Wedding?

When planning a wedding, flowers aren’t always the first thing to come to mind. Most brides begin the planning process by choosing when and where they’ll wed, since having a dream venue can really set the stage for the rest of one’s wedding day. That said, it can be incredibly helpful to think about what… Read more »

What Do Your Wedding Guests Really Want to Eat?

While many grooms-to-be are happy to let their fiancés handle much of the wedding planning process, there is one choice that couples often find fun to make together, and that is choosing what food to serve at the wedding. Few choices will have a bigger impact on your guests than the menu you create, after… Read more »

How to Use Pantone’s Color of the Year at Your Wedding

If you have any interest in fashion, décor, or have spent much time perusing Pinterest or wedding magazines this year, then you probably already know that the Pantone Color of the Year for 2017 is Greenery, a fun shade of bright green. And while not every trending color makes sense as a key tone for… Read more »